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Questions I Am Frequently “Axed”
A Hop, Skip and a Jump May Just Help Women With Urinary Incontinence
Diapers-Okay For a Toddler But Not For Adult Men
A few key points that we have found important in treating OAB patients...
Losing Your Urine When You Cough Or Sneeze-Treating Incontinence With ...
Frequent Urination: Causes and Treatments
Why It Is Done
What To Expect After Treatment
What To Think About
Gotta Go Right Now>> Here’s How To Discard Your Depends For Your Next ...
Put Away Your Depends-Treatment Options Without Medication or Surgery
Some treatments are as simple as changing some daily habits.
Timed voiding.
Diet changes.
Weight loss.
Getting Tighter “Down There”-Kegel Exercises Improve Vaginal Tone
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A Kegel A Day Keeps the Depends (TM) Away
Ladies, When You Gotta Go ?It May Just Affect Your Sex Life
For the Golfer Who Has It All-His Bladder Will Also Say Thank You For ...
Want To Tame That Overactive Bladder>> Here’s 10 Food Groups to Avoid
What is urinary incontinence?
What are the types of incontinence?
What causes incontinence?
How is the diagnosis of urinary incontinence made?
What is the treatment for urinary incontinence?
You Don’t Have to Be Wet When You Exercise
Solutions to exercise incontinence
Kegel Exercises Are For Men, Too
How to find and use the muscles of the pelvic floor
How to find the pelvic floor muscles
Getting started.
Raising Up the Dropped Bladder
Causes of POP?
What are the Symptoms of POP?
Treatment for POP
Sex also jump-starts your hormones.
For men, sexual intimacy is protective for the prostate.
Bladder Spasms >> When You Really Gotta Go!
Causes of bladder spasms
Who is at risk for bladder spasms?
Change in diet.
Timed voiding.
Pelvic floor exercises (“Kegels”).
Medicines to relax the bladder.
Electrical stimulation implant (Inter-Stim).
Caffeine And Urinary Incontinence
Estimates of urinary incontinence among US adult men range from 5% to ...
What the study found
Things To Avoid If You Have Urge Incontinence
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